Psychological Therapy

Mental health is unique to us all; it doesn’t discriminate, and we can all develop problems at different points in our lives. However, the good news is that you don’t have to struggle with a mental health problem. At Green Valley we can provide specialist mental health treatment – the most important step is to seek help & support.

It’s normal for all of us to feel worried, sad, upset, or have difficult emotions from time-to-time. For most people though, these feelings are only temporary and are resolved without causing any long-term problems. However, for some people, these negative feelings can become worse over time and lead to a mental health problem such as depressionanxietystress or obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Psychological Treatment

There is often a thin line between social drinking and alcohol drinking addiction. Knowing when to go to alcohol rehab can change your and your family’s lives for the better. If your social and professional lives have been suffering as a result of your alcohol drinking, then it might be time to consider rehab.

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Mental health treatment at Green Valley is flexible and personalised. This means you can receive the best treatment with the best possible chances of success. We offer:

  • A range of mental health treatment programmes, including:
    • Outpatient mental health treatment – during outpatient treatment, you’ll come to one of our sites on a weekly basis, to receive therapy for your mental health condition. Outpatient therapy sessions usually last for 1 hour
    • Day care programmes – during day care, you will come to one of our sites for a certain number of days each week, for mental health treatment and therapy
    • Inpatient (residential) treatment programmes – if you come to us for inpatient treatment, you will stay at one of our mental health hospitals on a residential basis, for a certain length of time. While you’re with us, you’ll receive round-the-clock care and intensive therapy for your mental health concern