Family Theraphy

Family therapy is an evidence-based form of therapy that takes place between yourself, a therapist and your immediate family or loved ones. This form of therapy encourages you and your family to have an open and honest dialogue about your mental health challenges and how these impact on the wider family unit, develop an understanding of each other’s point of view, and think of ways in which you can support each other more effectively in the future.

What does a typical family therapy session look like?

Family therapy sessions typically consist of the patient as well as several of their close family members. However, family members  are also able to see a family therapist on an individual basis if needed.

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Family therapy sessions typically last for between 50 minutes to an hour, and generally take place on a short term basis – usually 12 sessions. However, the frequency, number of sessions and the type of therapy that is used within a family therapy programme, depends upon the type of mental health challenges that are being dealt with, as well as the unique needs and requirements of both the patient and their family.